Right place, right time

Street Photography low light

I don’t really understand it but almost every time  I go shooting in Trafalgar Square, a great shot presents itself  to me.  Time and time again I seem to be in the right place at the right time…

Street Photography




By now I’ve stopped asking why and how and have learned to simply accept the little gems  that life presents me with from time to time…


One thought on “Right place, right time

  1. Ronya, your photos are stunningly clear and true, I admire how you handle the light and how open your eyes seem to be when you are among people. You have a very distinctive style which appeals to me very strongly. I love taking photos and I found yours accidentlly when looking for some examples of how ricoh works. I love to take pictures of everyday life but walking around with dslr has worn me out. After what I see you can do with the camera I have no doubts about the purchase any more. Can you just please tell me if you edit your photos in any way? Do you for example treat the shadows or contrast in an external editor or are they usually the way you get them from the ricoh camera? Do you also think that it would be foolish to get rid of the dslr camera for good and all? I got used to my friend’s positive reactions to my pictures but I am not entirely sure if it is not mainly because of their different technical quality. I would be grateful for your opinion. Pavla

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